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    Warm Congratulations To The 2017 Graduates of Our Lab

    Author:admin     Date:2017-06-18 16:13:19

        June, always, is the leaving time for Graduates. As well, the time for our lab's Masters and Ph.D. students to graduate. Now, let's give a warm congratulation to the 2017 Graduates of our lab. In this year, our lab has 8 Masters, including Song Tu, Yehong Qiu, Yang Sun, Yafei Zhao, Yanxia Zhang, Yan Liao, Tao Zhang, and Yujie Han, and one Ph.D. student, Ran Zi,  graduated. 2017 is a special year in our lab, thus far the largest number of graduate students, we have in one year; besides the first graduate Ph.D. students. 

       They will start a new trip in their lives, after graduating from our lab. Finally, let's give us the warmest congratulations for what a brilliant achievement they have made, and wish them to work well and have promising future!