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    Report of Professor Wenyi Zhang From University of Science and Technology of China

    Author:admin     Date:2017-04-10 16:42:36

    Title:On many-access over OR channel

    Time: 14:30, Apr. 14, 2017

    Location: At the Meeting Room of Nation Green Communication and Network Joint Research Center, in HUST, WuHan

    PresenterProf. Wenyi Zhang, Department of Electronic Engineering and Information Science, University of Science and Technology of China

    Abstract:New demand in future wireless networks requires the capability of efficiently handling concurrent connection requests of a massive number of potential users, each with possibly low duty cycle and short message to send. Conventional multiuser information theory focuses on the regime of a fixed number of users and long messages, and thus usually falls short of characterizing the behavior of communication systems under such a “many-access” scenario. In this talk, we present our preliminary results of many-access over an OR channel, which implements an OR logic upon all the active users’ channel inputs. Our results include capacity analysis and coding schemes.

    BiographyWenyi Zhang is with the faculty of the University of Science and Technology of China. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame (Ph.D. in EE) and Tsinghua University (B.E. in Automation). His current research interest focuses on information transmission under nonlinear transceiver distortion, large-scale multi-access systems, statistical inference over networks, and sequential decision theory.