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    Report of Professor Yonghui Li From University of Sydney

    Author:admin     Date:2017-09-09 16:41:41

    TitleMachine to Machine Communications for Internet of Things

    Time: 10:00, Sept. 15, 2017

    Location: At the Meeting Room of Nation Green Communication and Network Joint Research Center, in HUST, WuHan

    PresenterProf. Yonghui Li, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Sydney.

    Abstract:Connected smart objects, platforms and environments have been identified as the next big technology development, enabling significant society changes and economic growth. The entire physical world will be connected to the Internet. The intelligent network for automatic interaction and processing between objects and environments, referred to as the Machine to Machine Communications (M2M) for Internet of Things (IoT), will become an inherent part of areas such as electricity, transportation, industrial control, utilities management, healthcare, water resources management and mining. Wireless networks are one of the key enabling technologies of the IoT. They are likely to be universally used for last mile connectivity due to their flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness. In this talk, I would like to give an overview of wireless M2M development, architecture, key challenges, requirements and our recent works in this exciting area.

    BiographyYonghui Li received his PhD degree in November 2002 from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Since 2003, he has been with the Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications, the University of Sydney, Australia. He is now a Professor and Director of Wireless Engineering Laboratory, in School of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Sydney. He is the recipient of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship in 2008 and ARC Future Fellowship in 2012. His current research interests are in the area of wireless communications, Internet of Things and recently on machine learning. He has published more than 200 papers in IEEE journals and conferences. 4 of his journal papers have been included in Thomas Reuters ISI highly cited papers. According to google scholar, his research works have been cited more than 4000 times. His now an editor for IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology and was an executive editor for European Transactions on Telecommunications (ETT).